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After Toping up in game 40 mins later the credit card company flagged paymentwall for Suspicious Activity. After that it refunded the money automatically and got me banned on the game i was playing ( so i emailed the support team on there they immediately told me it was due to a refund so i was like wtf so i ended up emailing paymentwall and they said they had received the payment which really made me wonder what the *** is going on then a few emails back with the game supports they email paymentwall and they say that it didn't go through?

then why did they tell me the received my payment? then emails back to them they just say i have to top up the refunded amount and everything will be fine so, i go and try to top up and the card is blocked so i tried to use another card and then my actual account gets banned from paymentwall at this point im like are you *** serious? i was checking if it was my ip ban or something but no its my account so no one can top me up and then when i go to ask them to remove the ban they tell me they want the driver's licences informaiton and an online credit card statement that said's paymentwall and im underage im useing a parents card to top up so, i ask my mom she said's *** no and will not give it and i ask them to unban me for 1 transaction and they tell me they cannot. at that point i'm like what the actual *** do you mean no its ur fault for being such a *** site that u got flagged for suspicious activity.

and now the game wont let me use any other refund link to top up beside paymentwall and i cant use paymentwall because they banned my account! now there terms of service saids 14 yrs old or higher im 16 and i cant top up without a credit card from a parent.

they say they want to do this to ensure that better transactions for the future i really wanna know thoe if anyone went through this much trouble from toping up 10$ who in their right mind is gonna use you again??? thank you for nothing useless site.

This reviewer shared experience about problems with payment and wants this business to have the product delivered as the author lost $10. Janna13 is overall dissatisfied with Paymentwall and uploaded picture s. the best about paymentwall online payment processing service from Paymentwall was fast response. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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