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Same story as everyone else.Paid for in game credits. Got the "fraud protection" notice. I started a ticket like they asked me to, and promptly heard back from them saying they needed a screenshot of my bank statement showing the purchase, and the URL so they could know it was real. I sent them an image (with all my personal details blocked out because what they were asking was pretty shady. I wouldn't have made the purchase in the first place...
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After Toping up in game 40 mins later the credit card company flagged paymentwall for Suspicious Activity. After that it refunded the money automatically and got me banned on the game i was playing ( so i emailed the support team on there they immediately told me it was due to a refund so i was like wtf so i ended up emailing paymentwall and they said they had received the payment which really made me wonder what the *** is going on...
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Hello, i had also an issue with paymentwall recently. I play a video game called Unlimited ninja and i bought over 325 dollers over 4 months. Everything was going fine untill paymentwall blocked me for no reason saying they want to prevent frauds and ask me for my ID card my billing info + account statement. When i told them that something was wrong with all this they simply sended an auto message telling me to do what they say cuz i have no...
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paymentwall does not process payments made by credit card in time and cannot be reached for comments, nor do they feel liable for damages that occur due to their failure to process. Recommendation is to avoid doing business with this company. In case you are paying online and are linked to paymentwall, cancel the payments being made and select another option. paymentwall does not process payments made by credit card in time and cannot be reached...
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Anonymous They wait 2 and half month before they pay out your money, they work with the money then after 2 months and maybe 10 days they send your money with mostly 30€/50$ less then yo...